… for a fulfilling live in a familiar and trusted environment


Recovery at home

The goal is to help disabled people to quickly return to their community and recover instead of being torn away from their familiar surroundings for a longer period of time due to illness or accident.

To fulfill this goal, a financial base is to be established as soon as possible, which will enable the foundation to finance an external caregiver for approx. 3-4 months to bridge the higher nursing and care requirements. The foundation wants to step in when care recipients are without sufficient financial support from their relatives/caregivers and without legal entitlements, or when approved benefits have been exhausted but are not sufficient to cover the need.


Music and culture at Vichel Manor House


Culture in rural areas is a source of great enrichment for the life of everyone, also and especially for the disabled people of the community in Rohrlack and Vichel. For years, musical performances and other cultural events have been held regularly at Vichel Manor House and have been widely appreciated and accepted.  The Dahlke Foundation will take over the financing of one of these events as the inaugural year of its work in 2023.

What happens next?

The Dahlke Foundation, in cooperation with izfb e.V. and those responsible at the Rohrlack-Vichel Community, will define the next projects that should be realized as a matter of priority. We also want to make sure that the voices of the people being cared for are heard appropriately.