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Recovery at home

An initial motivation for the Dahlke Foundation was a resident who, when discharged after successful surgery, still required long-term care, longer than could be provided  by the institution. The relatives stepped in and hired a nurse at their own expenses which allowed recovery at home in the residential community.  The Dahlke Foundation is now saving a reserve of 20,000 € so that in such cases, residents without legal entitlements and without other financial support  would also have such an opportunity.

We are very pleased that we were able to already set aside approximately 10,000 € from the first earnings of the foundation capital, and hope to possibly reach our savings goal already next year.

In September, we had the inauguration party for  a trampoline suitable for the disabled on the premises of the workshops in Rohrlack. The purchase has been made possible in part by donations from relatives and the Dahlke Foundation has also contributed its share. The trampoline will give the residents of the houses in Rohrlack and Vichel the opportunity to have fun jumping and practicing coordination. For next year we plan to find a physiotherapist who will support this professionally on a regular basis.
It looks like the residents will have fun!

Dear friends and acquaintances, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to ask you all very warmly to provide generous financial support to help me to significantly increase the capital of the newly founded non-profit "Dahlke Foundation", so that the resulting annual income can be used to provide continuous basic funding for its activities.

A good friend of mine who followed the establishment of the Foundation, spontaneously pledged a donation of 100,000 € to increase its hitherto rather moderate capital. This encourages me to cordially ask you all to help me further increase the Foundation's capital, together. I therefore commit to matching any new donations, up to a maximum of 100,000 € in total, in 2022 and 2023.

As of March 2023, approx. 26,000 € were donated, a huge thank you to all who did so!

Please continue donating generously. I commit to ensuring that your and my money is invested in meaningful projects and I will keep you informed about the progress via the website.

On 23 April 2023, the time had finally come for the Dahlke Foundation to present itself to the residents and carers of the houses in Rohrlack and Vichel, as well as visitors from Berlin, in the context of a festive concert. After the guests had enjoyed coffee and cake, they went into the large salon, where the Beatrix Becker Trio was already waiting to play for their audience.
But before that, the Foundation was introduced by Viola Meineke, Chairwoman of the Board of the “Interessengemeinschaft zur Förderung von Menschen mit Behinderung (izfb) e.V.”, and by the founder Frank Dahlke. The izfb e.V. and the Dahlke Foundation will work closely together; as early as June, they will meet together with the management of the houses in Rohrlack and Vichel as well as representatives of the residents to discuss possible projects. The joint appearance on the concert stage underlined this nicely.
And then it started! Beatrix Becker (clarinets and piano), Rebecca Carrington (cello) and Diego Romero (guitar) performed and it didn't take long before they had the audience under their spell and crackling applause erupted after each of their pieces.

If you are curious, you can relive the speeches and the concert here!

Beatrix Becker Trio at Vichel Mansion_ April 2023

The concert was over much too quickly, and after the last encore and the last farewell applause, the audience parted in front of the mansion in the best of moods under the afternoon spring sun.

The Dahlke Foundation would like to thank all those who prepared this concert and the castle coffee. Special thanks to Jürgen Duffner who was able to win the Beatrix Becker Trio for this concert, as well as to the ladies who took care of the physical well-being of the guests in the Schlosskaffee, and, last but not least, to the great musicians.