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For the Dahlke Foundation: Coming soon, you can buy a colorful celebrity at auction!

How about Brigitte Bardot moving in with you? The painter Andreas Görzen www.andreasgoerzen-art.de
has made this painting from his series of "colorful celebrities" available for auction for the benefit of the Dahlke Foundation. The auction will take place in a few weeks from now, we will of course announce the exact date and the way to the auction here! The Dahlke Foundation is very happy about this generous donation, we hope for a lively participation at the auction. As the proceeds from the auction will go directly to the charitable foundation, a donation receipt will also be issued.
Special thanks go to @Matthias Krapp, the managing partner of ABATUS VermögensManagement , who is himself an avid collector of Andreas Görzen's art and successfully brought this wonderful idea to the artist's attention


A BIG thank you to all who generously donated!

Around Christmas 2023, further donors have been found to generously support the Dahlke Foundation in order to increase the foundation's capital. Pars pro toto we feature here Matthias Krapp, who with his ABATUS GmbH und CO KG has not only managed the foundation's assets very successfully so far, but has also been able to persuade others, in this case FondsKonzept AG, to support the foundation! Many, many thanks to ALL donors, your help ensures that the Dahlke Foundation can be really helpful!




Important milestone of 200,000 € foundation capital reached thanks to generous donations

As a completely unexpected surprise, a founder’s friend was so impressed by the concept of supporting the disabled people in the anthroposophical institutions in Rohrlack, Vichel and Berlin to live a fulfilled, socially and culturally integrated life in familiar surroundings also in old(er) age, that he increased the small foundation's capital by € 100,000.

This unexpected donation inspired the founder to launch a major fundraising campaign: each donation to increase the foundation's capital will be doubled (up to a total of €100,000). If this goal could be reached, the foundation would have a capital of more than € 300,000, which would allow to do a lot with the expected regular income.

By October 2023, the foundation's capital had marked the milestone of 200,000 €.  We thank all donors for their contributions or collections on the occasion of birthdays/festivities, and hope that we will come even closer to our goal in 2024!



Recovery at home

An initial motivation for the Dahlke Foundation was a resident who, when discharged after successful surgery, still required long-term care, longer than could be provided  by the institution. The relatives stepped in and hired a nurse at their own expenses which allowed recovery at home in the residential community.  The Dahlke Foundation is now saving a reserve of 20,000 € so that in such cases, residents without legal entitlements and without other financial support  would also have such an opportunity.

We are very pleased that we were able to already set aside approximately 10,000 € from the first earnings of the foundation capital, and hope to possibly reach our savings goal already next year.