… for a fulfilling live in a familiar and trusted environment

Support Dahlke Foundation


Dear friends and acquaintances, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to ask you all very warmly to provide generous financial support to help me to significantly increase the capital of the newly founded non-profit "Dahlke Foundation", so that the resulting annual income can be used to provide continuous basic funding for its activities.

The Dahlke Foundation aims to enable ageing people with disabilities and increasing need for care who live in residential care at Lebensorten der LebensGemeinschaft Rohrlack-Vichel gGmbH, to live a fulfilled, socially and culturally integrated life in their familiar and trusted environment.

A good friend of mine who followed the establishment of the Foundation, spontaneously pledged a donation of 100,000 € to increase its hitherto rather moderate capital. This encourages me to cordially ask you all to help me further increase the Foundation's capital, together. I therefore commit to matching any new donations, up to a maximum of 100,000 € in total, in 2022 and 2023.

This funding campaign aims to generate regular income, of relevant amounts, which will directly benefit the projects in the long term.

Please donate generously. I commit to ensuring that your and my money is invested in meaningful projects and I will keep you informed about the progress via the website.

The non-profit Dahlke Foundation is associated with the "Interessengemeinschaft zur Förderung von Menschen mit Behinderung e.V." (Community of interest for the promotion of people with disabilities; www.izfb.de) a registered association based in Berlin.  The foundation does not stand alone and has no independent legal capacity. The Foundation will start its activities in 2023.

For more information, including about the founder, the purpose of the foundation, as well as the first projects, please visit our new website (www.dahlke-stiftung.de)

Here are the bank details:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

Account holder: izfb e.v.

IBAN: DE69 3702 0500 0001 8642 00


Please make sure to note on the transfer: "To increase the foundation's capital" as well as your address if you would like a donation receipt. You will then receive this promptly from izfb e.V. for donations in 2022, for donations in 2023 the donation receipts will be sent at the beginning of 2024.

I look forward to your support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a more peaceful year in 2023.

Frank Dahlke