… for a fulfilling life in a familiar and trusted environment

Important milestone of 200,000 € foundation capital reached thanks to generous donations


As a completely unexpected surprise, a founder’s friend was so impressed by the concept of supporting the disabled people in the anthroposophical institutions in Rohrlack, Vichel and Berlin to live a fulfilled, socially and culturally integrated life in familiar surroundings also in old(er) age, that he increased the small foundation's capital by € 100,000.

This unexpected donation inspired the founder to launch a major fundraising campaign: each donation to increase the foundation's capital will be doubled (up to a total of €100,000). If this goal could be reached, the foundation would have a capital of more than € 300,000, which would allow to do a lot with the expected regular income.

By October 2023, the foundation's capital had marked the milestone of 200,000 €.  We thank all donors for their contributions or collections on the occasion of birthdays/festivities, and hope that we will come even closer to our goal in 2024!