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Help for those in need


Christian Raasch, Managing Director of the LebensWerkGemeinschaft Berlin, wrote in June:

"We look back with gratitude on the last six months of our collaboration with the Dahlke Foundation.
After one of our residents with assistance needs was seriously injured by a fall at the end of last year, she is now much more dependent on assisstance  than before.
Meeting the sudden increase in assistance requirements presented the carer team with enormous challenges. These could only be overcome by hiring a care service, which was financed by the Dahlke Foundation for six months.
As people living in special forms of support accommodation in Berlin are not entitled to care insurance benefits apart from a minimum flat rate of €260.00 per month, this quick and unbureaucratic financial support from the foundation was a key element in enabling us to keep the resident  in her familiar surroundings.
This was not only a great relief for the carer team, but also gave us time to work out a permanent solution.

With this in mind, a big thank you once again from the LebensWerkGemeinschaft gGMbH Berlin."