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From May 1st you can bid for the colourful Brigitte Bardot - for the benefit of the Dahlke Foundation


An extraordinary a(u)ction for a good cause: On the initiative of Matthias Krapp, Managing Partner of ABATUS Wealth Management, a painting by the artist Andreas Görzen will be auctioned on Ebay starting May 1st for the benefit of the Dahlke Foundation.

ABATUS Wealth Management manages the foundation's capital.

From pizza baker to artist whose works are also becoming increasingly popular internationally - this is how Andreas Görzen's career can be described. "My pictures are big, colourful and loud! They show joie de vivre, enthusiasm and freedom. Memories come alive and give new vigour. Art is my passion, a satisfaction for my soul," is how the artist describes himself, whose works now sell for upwards of 6000 euros.

Matthias Krapp had the idea for this auction and brought the participants together, who were immediately enthusiastic. Andreas Görzen then made the motif of Brigitte Bardot available free of charge. The original is painted with acrylic colours on canvas and measures 105 x 130 x 4 cm.

The minimum bid is 2,500 euros, further bids are possible in increments of 200 euros.

Click here for the auction, activated from 01. 05. 2024 onwards.

This gives anyone interested the chance that Brigitte Bardot may soon be moving into their home.  

The proceeds from the auction will go towards the Dahlke Foundation's endowment capital in order to further increase its long-term impact.

Everyone involved is now hoping for a great response to this extraordinary a(u)ction for this good cause!